David Schott

Board certified public health professional with strong application of lean six sigma principles and business knowledge. Dr. Schott has published multiple book chapters, articles, and a textbook on healthcare supply chain management. He has over 14 years’ experience in leadership and hands-on positions.

Areas of expertise include:
Strategic planning, public health leadership, healthcare supply chain, modeling & data analysis, process improvement, and organizational culture

Public Health Leadership

The need for leadership in public health today is well documented. Innovative solutions are needed to reduce health disparities and combat diseases such as Zika which were once confined to the tropics are spreading to new areas due to globalization.

Healthcare Supply Chain

As the healthcare industry model in the United States moves from volume to value, efficiency of supply chain will become even more essential.

Modeling & Data Analysis

In the era of big data, information is everywhere. Top performing organizations know how to leverage this information. Dr. Schott is an expert in extracting, cleaning, and analyzing data to create models for decision support.

My Education

Work History

Facilitated departmental strategic planning sessions to update the mission, vision, and goals for health policy and management department.

Mentored graduate students in leadership theory and core public health areas.

Instructed master class on healthcare supply chain management (PUBH 7090)

Faculty search committee member; screened, interviewed, and made hiring recommendations regarding applicants for tenure track, assistant professor positions.

Co-authored The Healthcare Supply Chain: Elements, Operations and Strategies

Co-authored textbook chapter on healthcare analytics

Key member of Hip & Knee Implant Facility Sourcing team acting as advisor to CFO.

Negotiated hip and knee implant contract, resulting in 400,000 cost reduction over the life of the contract plus an additional 10% if compliance rebate is met.

Special projects for CEO including department strategic planning

Redesigned physician peer review and EOC documentation systems

Administered hospital policy system

Redesigned facility access system for increased security and efficiency.

Designed metric boards for lean six sigma that were installed at multiple other facilities.

Developed tracking metrics to measure performance of lean system implemented in OR.

Reported findings directly to CEO, COO, CNO, and directors in boardroom meetings.

Saved the hospital an estimated $70,000 during initial surgical services lean event.

Lean project created process improvements resulting in $245,000 / year in savings

Results achieved by lean team:

32% reduction in average OR turnaround times, from 19 to 13 minutes.

51% reduction in patient wait times; allowing for 30% greater surgical patient volume.

50% reduction in registration time; saving 25 hours per week.

25% reduction in face to face assessments; saving 10 man hours per week.

41% reduction in patient waiting in same day surgery; from 68 to 48 minutes average.

33% reduction in phase II cycle time; from 90 to 60 minutes average.

Directly responsible for cost savings of $300,000+ through reduction of readmission rates at all OhioHealth hospitals. Turned boardroom idea into working model with new analysis models of existing hospital databases.

Eliminated 5+ FTE of work effort by streamlining and automating report generations at the each of the eight (8) hospitals within OhioHealth.

Developed and presented concept to the Board to reduce overall operating costs by providing free drugs to targeted patients. Piloted at 1 hospital for 3 months saving $75,000, firm wide projected savings in the low seven figures.

Modernized the core reports by converting to Oracle Business Intelligence, resulting in faster turnaround of higher quality data.

Launched and managed a Subversion code repository for collaboration, backup, and virtually eliminating risk of source code loss.

Direct responsibility over all reporting at a major level 1 trauma center, including 130+ scheduled reports.

Liaison with report customers, internal and external. Presented findings at boardroom meetings.

Managed and directed area workload, supervised team members, and insured reporting deadlines were met.

Interviewed prospective team members and made hiring recommendations to the managing director.

Mentored and trained new employees on advanced analytical techniques in SAS 9.

Hosted thousands of personal and small business websites.

Designed custom scripts for web based projects using PHP/SQL/.NET/Java.

Hired and managed independent contractors for customer relations, sales, and admin.

14 Years
Hospital Administration
2 Years
Data Science
2 Years
Internet Application Design
9 Years

Selected Works

Scientific Literature










Scientific Models

Concept visualization and work flow improvement tools

4Ps of Health Analytics

4Ps describes and proscribes the use of data analytics in the modern health system.

Healthcare Supply Chain Management Diagram

HCSCM Diagram is a visual representation of the healthcare supply chain for teaching purposes.

Inter-Professional Teams

IPT model describes and proscribes behavior patterns on multi-discipline professional teams

Student Assessment

The student assessment system accurately measures student learning

Tool set


  • SAS
  • OBIE
  • Midas+
  • ETL
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe CS
  • Apache httpd
  • IIS
  • Subversion
  • Eclipse
  • NetBeans
  • phpMyAdmin


  • HTML
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • JS
  • Java
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • C#
  • VB
  • .NET
  • AS
  • Ruby/Rails


  • Epic
  • Cerner
  • Lawson
  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Arch
  • CentOS
  • Fedora
  • Gentoo
  • Ubuntu

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